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The Anti-LiveJournal LiveJournal

We just don't like most LJ users

Frustrated LJers Unite
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We want to create a forum where disdain for the current state of LiveJournal can be discussed. We know creating a LJ to talk about our dislike for LJ is hypocritical, but if we didn't use this forum, none of the "typical" users would have anyway of knowing about us.


Disclaimer proper, yo:
Kill LJ is presented as satirical work. The authors of are strictly students. The opinions in Kill LJ do not necessarily represent those of Chris "Bisquick" Walsh, the Long Beach Union Newspaper, Gary Coleman, Gov. Schwarzenegger, Lucifer, Coke-Monkeys, your mom, the FOX network, alcoholics, The Dead Low Tide, That Creepy Boy everyone knows, and the evil blue bottle. But if they do, then this house is freakin' shweet!
amateur photo students, angry anonymous posts, emotions, exploitation, flippancy, hypocrisy, narcissism, non-cryptic posts, optimism, owning your gay-ness, prozac, real kisses, sincerity